Big Announcement

I want to begin with first thanking everyone who has helped us in the journey from Boston, those who have had our backs though-out all of the ups and downs over the past 20 months., Being new parents is so hard but also so rewarding. Adaline is now 10 months old and now weighs 19lbs which is the 53% percentile and 30 inches Which is in the 87% percentile for height, she is very healthy and brings joy to our lives everyday. Today I wanted to bring...

Voting by mail

If it’s safe to mail Tax Refunds, Census, Social Security Checks, Stimulus Checks, Draft Registrations, Prescriptions Drugs, Passports, your Driver’s License or the actual ID you’d use to VOTE… then it’s safe to vote by mail. Plain and simple. Do not buy into this voter suppression method.

Reopen, without a worry

People who are wanting the country to reopen without precautions are not realizing that what will be after will not at all closely reflect what was before. Also can someone tell me what a bunch of white dudes carrying long guns has to do with protesting these decisions by these governors?

Finally where this should be

So tonight I spent a few hours working on the website before I get going on what I want this to be. I want to thank Alx Media for the theme. Visit them at they make excellent themes for WordPress. As for the direction of this site, it will mainly be personal. As I absolutely despise Facebook, it will be political as well, increasingly as we draw closer to the elections this year. either way. Thanks for stopping by!

Welcome to my site

Welcome to my website, at the time of my writing this I can tell you… the site is a mess, I am slowly putting it back together and if you see something that doesn’t work… I welcome you to leave a comment below. A little about me, My name is Steve Hodges. I am from New Jersey in the United States, I am a very political person and my objective for this website to share my options with the world as well as a glimpse into my...