Big Announcement

I want to begin with first thanking everyone who has helped us in the journey from Boston, those who have had our backs though-out all of the ups and downs over the past 20 months., Being new parents is so hard but also so rewarding. Adaline is now 10 months old and now weighs 19lbs which is the 53% percentile and 30 inches Which is in the 87% percentile for height, she is very healthy and brings joy to our lives everyday.

Today I wanted to bring those who love us up to date with a major change that we are planning for our lives in months ahead., it is with both excitement and sadness that we announce our departure from New Jersey in Late 2020 for Central Florida. Excitement because of a new chapter, as well as the opportunity for Catherine to be closer to some of her family which lives in both the Orlando and Tampa area, it also brings a bit of sadness to know that this decision will certainly hurt some people within our close circles of friends and family that we have established here in New Jersey.

We moved here to New Jersey after several years in Boston, which is one of the most expensive cities in the United States, to find happiness with a healthy work life balance., which I can say we found.. it is however hard to ignore the fact that during our time here our happiness has decreased significantly as it had in Boston due to the harsh and cold winters, even with the 2019-2020 winter not being significantly cold or harsh. we have continued to feel this seasonal plunge.

As we look forward to the future, we want to find a place where we can both find this medium of happiness and a safe home-work balance that fits both what we need and what Adaline requires.

I truly appreciate all the love and support both Boston and Gloucester have shown us and I can say we are both excited for this upcoming change and the chance for the first time in nearly ten years for Catherine and her family to have a chance to be a part of our lives, which now obviously includes Adaline.

I understand this decision has undoubtedly hurt some and for that I am truly sorry, but this is a decision that we have been sitting on for about 3 months now and then coronavirus hit causing deep uncertainty and fear amongst almost everyone., but which recent events it is so important that we are truly happy with ourselves, and our community., which is not something we can say for Gloucester.

I want to assure everyone that regardless of what happens now or in the future, that we always an easy people to reach, via twitter, Facebook or via our respective websites. what has to happen now.. right now, is finding happiness for our family., for our child.

We appreciate all of you,

Thank you.